Jawatan Kosong | Lembaga Kemajuan Perusahaan Pertanian Pahang January 2013

Jawatan Kosong | Lembaga Kemajuan Perusahaan Pertanian Pahang January 2013

About – Lembaga Kemajuan Perusahaan Pertanian Pahang (LKPP) established on 15 November, 1969 under the Emergency Pahang Enactment (No. 2) of 1969. Verified and approved by the Legislative Assembly on 1 April 1971 (amended 2002).

Jawatan Kosong Lembaga Kemajuan Perusahaan Pertanian Pahang :

1. Penolong Pegawai Tadbir Gred N27

2. Pembantu Tadbir Gred N17

3. Pekerja Awam Gred R1

How to apply
(i) Applicants must use Form LKPP 1. Applicants can obtain the application form through the Web site: www.lkpp.gov.my and sent to the address given below: -

Pengurus Besar,
Lembaga Kemajuan Perusahaan Pertanian
Negeri Pahang,
Jalan Gambut,
25990 Kuantan.

(ii) The application form must be completely filled with light.

(iii) All application forms must be accompanied with a passport size photograph, copies of birth certificates, identity cards, certificates, and end of school examination results which have been confirmed from the original.

(iv) Application of the officers who are serving the Government, Statutory Bodies and Local Authorities shall be made by the Head of Department in accordance with General Orders Chapter ‘A’ 21.

(v) All applications should be addressed as above.

(vi) Late applications will be incomplete and rejected.

Further information and how to apply, please follow :
Official Source

Jawatan Kosong LKPP closing date 08 February 2013

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